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5 Reasons To Come To Pacific City In March

Located just off Highway 101, relaxed and uncomplicated Pacific City, Oregon, is the perfect memory-making beach vacation destination! Just a short 2-hour drive from Portland or 1.5-hour drive from Salem, what are you waiting for?!? Come to Pacific City, your little beach town!

Here are five AWESOME reasons to visit this March.

WHALE WEEK! What better reason to come to the beach than to witness magnificent Grays returning to Alaska waters with their young?! This will be the baby's first journey and the one and only time they receive guidance or instruction on how to make this long trek. These whales should come very close to shore since they are teaching the young how to use the shore and the waves to navigate. There will be official whale watching volunteers at Cape Kiwanda to help you spot these amazing creatures. Visit for more information.

Sandcastles, Sandcastles, Sandcastles...have you ever seen the huge sandcastles that you are tempted to stay the night in yourself? The triumph of any Spring Breaker is to build the best. Create an extravagant homestead for local sea life, at least until the next tide. Snap a photo and we'll host a Facebook contest for the best sandcastle in the west! Win a $40 gift card to Pelican Pub & Brewery! Watch for contest details on our Facebook page, Pacific City, your little beach town.


Most people say the best thing to do at the beach is, well, GO TO THE BEACH! Forget the shops, the food, the traffic, and meander down an uncomplicated shoreline filled with some of the coast's most amazing tide pools. Cape Kiwanda is home to many jellyfish, clams, mussels, anemones, hermit crabs, starfish, sea urchins, even giant sunflower sea stars...there's even a rumor of a bed of sand dollars and an entire shore dedicated to sea lions.

The BIG YEAR! This term refers to birds in most cases, but this year we are thinking FISH, as we usually are thinking fish here in Pacific City! Don't miss the season; hang on the river with the locals that are dedicated to spending the wee hours of the morning fishing their hearts out on the banks of the Big Nestucca. Show these men how you catch steelhead back home! If you have a boat, you might as well bring it along and see the rare backside of Haystack Rock while crabbing or catching some lingcod or sea bass!  YUMM!

Don't think that because the water's cold that people won't be in it. Because we will. It doesn't matter what month it is, people are out there SURFING, KAYAKING, PADDLE BOARDING, AND MORE! Both Moment Surf Co. and Kiwanda Surf Company have almost every type of water activity available to a first timer, or someone who simply couldn't fit their family's five surfboards on the plane. Give Moment a call ahead and they can have your gear ready to pack on your car for you, maybe even walk you down to the beach for a quick surf lesson for the family.