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Authentic East Indian Food Comes To The Cottages At Cape Kiwanda

If there is one thing people living in a small town can all relate to is the lack of ethnic cuisine.  That’s why at the Cottages we have decided to cook authentic East Indian food with fresh Dory Caught Bass or Ling Cod.

It’s really more of a social and interactive cooking demonstration.  None of us are chefs; we are just cooks who LOVE to cook. Our guests gather in the concierge suite, sip on Pelican beer and enjoy each other’s company.

The lovely aromas of coriander and cumin, onions and garlic, saffron and turmeric fill the air.  Hopefully you aren’t afraid of some kick, because this dish contains 3 whole Serrano peppers and we leave in the seeds.  The plain yogurt and mango chutney help mellow the spice.  The delicious toasted jasmine rice with Indian spices really sets off the dish.

There is enough for everyone to sample.  We’ve been pairing the dish with both Pelican beer and wine and everyone is having an amazing time!

Join us at the Cottages for some fun activities this winter; we would LOVE to have you.

Monday:           Baking with your Concierge

Tuesday:          Beer tasting

Wednesday:     Wine tasting

Thursday:        Cooking with your Concierge

Friday:             Beer tasting

Saturday:         Coastal Cooking with Mary

Sunday:            Wine tasting

See you here!

~Your Concierge team