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Baby Seal Pups-Observe From A Distance

Aaaahhhh Spring is in the air! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and baby seal pups are being born all over the Oregon Coast! These baby seals start showing up between March and April, but could appear any time of the year, and are often found resting in the sand. It’s getting to be that time where our visitors (and residents) should be reminded about the importance of distance when it comes to baby seals. They are, by far, the cutest animals you may ever see on the beach, and naturally people will desire a closer look… for the seal’s sake though, please use that zoom on the camera!

Seal pups spend a great deal of their infancy nestled in the sand resting and waiting for mom to return. This is normally mistaken for being stranded, lethargic, or injured. Make sure to keep a safe distance if you run across a seal (at least 50 feet), and keep your curious 4 legged family members on a leash and well away from the animal. We may mean well, but it could be incredibly dangerous for the seal to have an audience. It’s very common that once someone has lingered too close or for too long a mom will not return to their baby.

If you are worried that a pup is distressed, injured, or being abused, you should get in touch with the local animal rescue and let them take it from there. 

Oregon Marine Mammal Stranding Network at (541) 867-0446 

Oregon State Police at (541) 265-5353