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Cape Kiwanda Beach Etiquette & Safety

As the busy summer season approaches and we welcome larger numbers of visitors to Your Little Beach Town, we'd like to take a moment to share some pointers:
Be aware of the tides – don’t get stranded on the rocks or a secluded piece of beach by incoming tides.
Sneaker waves – they do happen. Be alert and don’t turn your back to the ocean. Observe the warning signs on Cape Kiwanda and do not cross fence lines. Waves DO crash over the Cape and could sweep you off. Also, Cape Kiwanda is composed of sandstone, which erodes and could crumble from under you. Sadly, there have been instances where people have accidently fallen from the Cape.
Pack It In, Pack It Out – if you’re a camper, you’ve heard this one. It applies equally for visits to the beach.
Douse campfires with water – don’t smother them with sand. There’s potential for a barefoot beachcomber to step in your abandoned fire. Ouch!
Dog Poo – this could fall under the Pack It In, Pack It Out rule and maybe even the potential barefoot beachcomber misstep similar to above, but Yuck! We absolutely LOVE dogs, but please be a considerate pet owner and pick up after your four-legged friend/family member.
Wildlife – All animals, including seals, should not be approached on the beach. Watch from a distance; you can still get a good picture! And for those living creatures you see in the tide pools, please observe, but don’t touch. It can’t be fun being pulled forcefully from their home and they may not survive the trauma.
Stay clear of the emergency lane & ramp – there are sidewalks for beach access and the dory launching rigs must get a run at the ramp; so be aware and get out of the way.
Be aware of dory boats landing on the beach – boats DO NOT have brakes or steering when they come in riding a wave! Heed their horns; it’s all they can do to warn you that they are coming.
Driving & Parking on the beach – if you’re launching a dory boat, GREAT!, turn north from the ramp. If you’re not, turn south from the ramp. (There ARE signs posted in case you forget by the time you arrive at the beach and you can be ticketed.) Also be aware that although the beach sand appears to be solid & firm, it CAN give way under the weight of your vehicle and cause you to become stuck. I’ll never forget the poor guy in the Cadillac Escalade this happened to a few years ago as he was driving down the surf line. Back tire sinks and the tide is coming in. Soon the On Star voice starts alerting everyone nearby – repeatedly – that water is entering the vehicle. Do you think that added to the stress of the situation? If you get yourself in a similar predicament, the local tow companies will be happy to help - to the tune of about $200 cash.
Changing – Please keep it G rated. Cape Kiwanda is a family beach and parking area. There are public restrooms at the north east corner of the parking lot for your use. 9 times out of 10 you can be seen in your car changing from your wetsuit, and towels don’t cover all!
We hope you find these guidelines helpful as you enjoy your time at the beach. Thank you for visiting!