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Come Visit The Marine Garden In Our Front Yard

Have you ever explored the tide pools at the north end of the beach at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City? If you have, you may have encountered beds of large, purplish-black California mussels, the favorite food of the orange, brown or purple sea stars clinging to the rocks below them. In the pools left behind by the outgoing tide, sculpin swim around green anemones, snails graze on the algae and hermit crabs scurry along. The closer you look, the more you see. Three species of chitons, six or more kinds of crabs, barnacles, seaweeds, sponges and nudibranchs (aka sea slugs) all live in the tide pools at Pacific City.

We have a Marine Garden in our “front-yard!” The rocky shore at the foot of our sandstone headland, Cape Kiwanda, is one of seven intertidal areas on the Oregon coast protected by the Marine Garden designation. This means that collection or disturbance of the animals and plants that live there is prohibited. Do come and visit the wonderful inhabitants of this dynamic intertidal world and please be careful where you step!