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Cottages At Cape Kiwanda Concierge Corner - December 2014

The rain is pelting the crumbly white-wash broil and the sea foam is piling up like snow out the windows of the Inn at Cape Kiwanda’s.  A surfer’s nightmare but a storm-watchers delight is on its way. One can only hope some fortunate souls are finding solace in mugs of hot chocolate and Mother of All Storms barleywine around the hearth at the Pelican Pub and Brewery.  Irrationally, I can’t help crossing my fingers as waves blast through Chief Kiawanda’s ponytail and spray over the cape that our town’s emblematic coastal features remain steadfast indefinitely.
2014’s ostensibly endless summer seems but a wispy memory as we get assaulted by dollops of rain but the warm promise of the Holiday Season is finally culminating as we snuggle up like bugs in rugs. To help spread the Christmas cheer, please join us as we carol around Cape Kiwanda, touring Stimulus, the Pub and the Cottages at Cape Kiwanda on the 19th at 4pm.
 Like it or not, months worth of staring out of rain and salt-speckled glass begins and we can’t help but reminisce.  Here are my top two recollections of 2014:
1) Getting surfing tips from a Cottage owner.  Proof:

Me with a “wait, this can’t be real… can it?” smile on a glassy training day in September

2) Cruising the Scenic Three Capes Loop with some new friends. I pulled up in the Concierge van to the North Cape Lookout trailhead during some inclement weather in October to find these characters sitting on their backpacks puffing on stogies.
Jim (left) and Griff were hiking the length of the Oregon Coast Trail(all 382 miles) just weeks after Griff’s wedding in Cape Cod – ‘twas honeymoon ‘numero dos‘ we quipped.  As their Bromance unfolded before my eyes, I learned that unlike my own backpacking experiences on the coast these two had the luxury of traveling in style – all the sights, sounds and the fresh smell of the briny sea and damp earth without wet sleeping bags and creaky bones in the morning from camping out in the elements.
They were hiking about 15 miles/day and were foiled that morning by a washed-out section of trail. They were eager to see the Cape Meares Lighthouse they’d missed and, after my urging, the infamous‘Octopus Tree’.  So we drove north and took the short trails around Cape Meares stopping to read about it’s unique flora, fauna, geology and the first-order Fresnel Lens amidst pitiless banter and Cubans. We caught a glimpse of the Three Arches moments before the wind picked up and we heard the crack of falling branches. We high-tailed it back to the Inn at Cape Kiwanda where the draw of a complimentary bottle of wine in the kitchen, a washer/dryer in the room and a porch on the sand was just  too much – so they upgraded to the Cottages.  Strangely, the whole experience reminded me a bit of a raucous, blustery round of golf with the boys.

This is why I love being a Concierge, because I can share adventures like these with our guests and owners who end up being like family.  

As I finish this edition of Concierge Corner, that glorious sun has just popped out again – it’s like it just won’t give in. What a beautiful place and what incredible weather this year. Here’s to our first decent winter storm, our tight-knit Cottage and Company Family and of course 2015. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Your Little Beach Town.
Mitch Freeman,
Concierge at the Cottages at Cape Kiwanda