The Pelican Pub & Brewery is expected to take delivery of two new tanks today from Metalcraft, a Portland, Oregon fabricator. One is a 30 bbl Fermenter; the second is a 24 bbl Bright Beer Tank.

Brewmaster Darron Welch explained, "The two tanks together will increase the annual production capacity by more than 700 bbl per year. The 30 bbl fermenter will help us keep ahead of demand, especially in the summertime, while the 24 bbl bright tank will improve our ability to efficiently bottle and keg finished beer."

Darron also shared these two tanks are the first of five additional tanks that will be installed this spring to build out the existing Pelican to its maximum capacity. Subsequent brewery improvements will include a new steam boiler system, new heat exchanger, new labeler, new hot and cold liquor tanks, and one more 30 bbl fermenter.

In the coming weeks and months, there will be a lot of activity happening at The Pelican!