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Food and Beer Pairings


Feb 2012

Crab Dip

A quick, delicious dip that goes great with our seasonal Riptide Red Ale.

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Sep 2011

Beer Cheese Soup For An Autumn Day

In a large pot melt butter, then add flour to make a pale roux. Add MacPelican's Scottish Style Ale and milk while stirring to avoid lumps. Cook over medium low heat while stirring until the mixture comes to a boil. Turn down heat to low and...

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Aug 2011

Thai Herb Steamed Mussels

Beard and clean the mussels.Heat a large pot over medium high heat; add 1 teaspoon of oil, lemon grass, shallot, and chili. Cook until the shallots become transluecent. Add mussels, Kiwanda Cream Ale, fish sauce, lime juice, and kaffir lime...

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Jan 2011

Baumkuchen Paired With Tsunami Stout

Featured at our Winter's Brewers Dinner in January 2011, Baumkuchen is a traditional German cake often referred to as a "tree cake" due to the very thin layers of cake, which look like rings of a tree when the cake is sliced. The cake was baked...

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