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Grundy Love On Tap February 14th - 2nd Of Lone Pelican Draft Series

Our Lone Pelican Draft Series is a series of beers hatched collaboratively by our whole brewery team rather than being solely one of Darron's creations.  Look for these one-off beers on draft at the Pelican and in a beer bar near you.  And remember, when they're gone, they're gone!

Love is in the air; a special kind of love that only can be experienced to its fullest by accompanying it with our rich and decadent Grundy Love Belgian stout.

Grundy Love uses Pale Ale and Special B malts which lend wonderful nutty and sweet qualities as well as some plum and raisin notes. The use of hull-less BlackPrinz malt lends a beautiful smooth dark chocolate flavor without the bitterness or astringency typical of other dark roasted malts. Grundy Love's silky and creamy mouth feel are credited to the addition of rolled oats in the mash. Its smooth and delicate malt profile meld amazingly well with the complex esters and earthy spicy notes produced by the farmhouse saison yeast.

We know you'll be relieved to hear that no Grundy tanks were used or abused in the making of this fine beer. So continue ogling each other you Grundy Lovers!!

Ingredient List:
Pale Ale malt
Special B malt
Pure local water
Pure Belgian Ale yeast
BlackPrinz malt
Rolled Oats
Magnum hops
Willamette hops

Brewing Specifications:
14 degree Plato
5.8% by volume
35 IBU
Color: Black