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If You’re Stressed, It’s Fine Dining We Suggest!

Dining out at the Pelican has a whole lot of perks on its own. Aside from the exquisite food served in a fun, bustling environment, the beach is right outside the door. Anyone who enjoyed an early supper on Friday, December 3rd basked in the wonder of this sunset. 

Ever enjoyed a meal at the Pelican and wished you could make something that delectable at home? Good news! You can. And I’m not just talking about reheating a bowl of their new made-to-travel chowder or chili.

The chef squad at the Pelican is opening their kitchen doors to the public, and hosting a series of cooking classes this winter. Join Chef Ged Adeylott and a group of other Pelican Pub food enthusiasts as he introduces you into the fabulous world of beer cuisine. With two more classes coming up in December, there are two more reasons to head to the Coast!

On December 9, starting at 6pm, Ged will guide you through a menu of dishes with beer as the spotlighted ingredient. I managed to steal a peak at some of the menu selections, and it’s looking scrumptious! Courses like beer cheese potato gratin, oven roasted beer-marinated vegetables, and something called, “Pelican’s Banana Dessert,” already have my mouth watering! On the 16th of December, another holiday-themed cooking class is scheduled for 6pm. This class will help you impress the family when they come for a holiday feast. While the kitchen crew was brainstorming ideas for this class, and things like, “Bread pudding beer nog,” “mushroom pie,” and “stuffed pork loin,” were mentioned. After both of these classes, the food you helped prepare will be served in the banquet room of the Pelican Pub. For information on these classes, call the Concierge team at the Cottages at 866-571-0605, or the Pelican Pub & Brewery directly at 503-965-7007.

Or, if you’re like me and relish in your inability to cook, you can make a reservation for Salmon-Chanted Evening on December 10th. Four courses of locally caught salmon will be presented for your dining pleasure. Sounds like they’re pulling out all the stops to provide a romantic evening for the attendants. There are two seatings for this event, one at 5:00pm, and one at 8:00pm. Keep in mind, the sun has been setting right around 5pm lately, so there might be another beautiful showcase.