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J.W. Howard Artwork On Display At Stimulus Espresso Cafe

Drawings and paintings by J.W. Howard are currently on display at Stimulus Espresso Cafe.

Justin Howard was born in Tillamook County where he continues to live and work. He operates a landscaping business that affords him the luxury to pursue what he says keeps him humble and here at the coast. Surfing! This in turn feeds his creativity and passion to draw and paint.

Justin also works as a conceptual artist for companies such as Wyden & Kennedy, Laika, Hive Fx, and Animationwerks. When working commercially, he draws concept characters and storyboards for advertising.

Justin has a blog at and can be contacted by email

There will be an artist reception at Stimulus Espresso Cafe Saturday, August 13th from 7pm to 9pm. Stop by to discuss Justin's work and enjoy a cup of Stumptown coffee, a pint of award-winning Pelican beer, or one of many other delicious selections from the Stimulus menu.