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Keg Monkey On Tap February 7 - 1st Of Lone Pelican Draft Series

Our Lone Pelican Draft Series is a series of beers hatched collaboratively by our whole brewery team rather than being solely one of Darron's creations.  Look for these one-off beers on draft at the Pelican and in a beer bar near you.  And remember, when they're gone, they're gone!

The entry-level position in a brewpub or craft brewery almost always involves cleaning and filling kegs. It is the job most of us in the brewing world started with. The Keg Monkey. This beer is dedicated to all who have labored on the keg line: washing, racking and rolling!

Keg Monkey is a special lager beer inspired by the brewing traditions of Germany, yet faithful to none. A fusion of the Dortmunder and Pilsner beer styles, and served Zwickel-style (unfiltered), Keg Monkey is a lager beer that crosses style boundaries. Aroma hops from Oregon and Germany give a clean, hoppy flavor profile. Melanoidin and light caramel malts provide a wonderful balance to the beer. Using Bohemian lager yeast sourced from our friends at Breakside Brewery and fermented cold, Keg Monkey displays a classic lager character. Raise a glass to salute the hardworking Keg Monkey!

Ingredient List:
Pale Ale malt
Melanoidin malt
C15 caramel malt
Pure local water
Magnum hops
Santiam hops
Sterling hops
Hersbrucker hops
Pure lager yeast

Brewing Specifications:
12.9 degree Plato
5.5% by volume
40 IBU
Color: Hazy Gold