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Lone Pelican Beer #4 - Not Maibock Now On Tap For A Limited Time

Not Maibock - Coming In April

This beer will be released at the Pelican April 5th; look for it in a beer bar near you towards the middle of the month.

Notice: Orphan beer in need of good home. This beer is malty and delicious with a subtle fruitiness and a smooth, clean finish. Abandoned at conception, this beer has thrived despite lacking a devoted parent to usher it through its formative days of growth. This is a rare opportunity to adopt a mature beer in the prime of its life and ready for consumption.

Not Maibock was a collaborative effort of the brewery team which was dreamt up by someone, spear-headed by no-one and yet resulted in a beer that was loved by everyone. Brewed in the Maibock-style, this strong golden lager was finished with a whirlpool addition of Sterling hops that provides a delicate hop fruitiness to complement the sweetness from a large two-row malt bill. Prost!

Ingredient List:
Two Row malt, Sterling Hops, Pure lager yeast, Pure local water

Brewing Specifications:
15.9 degrees Plato
7% alcohol by volume
30 IBU

Color: Golden Yellow