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March Is A Lion

March has arrived, and it is roaring. The ocean swells are huge, the wind is whipping, the rain is pelting, the surfers are taking cover, and our guests are LOVING it! It may seem odd to head to the beach when it is storming, but it is actually some of the best times to be here. The waves provide hours of endless entertainment and jaw dropping action (especially when a wave breaks over the saddleback on the cape!), so make sure to bring your camera. It also provides the perfect opportunity to throw on your rain gear and test your limits by braving the weather with a walk on the beach. Afterwards you can guiltlessly curl up next to the fireplace with your favorite book, or to head to a cozy booth at the Pelican Pub & Brewery and enjoy a bowl of clam chowder and a craft beer or two....or three. I am personally a sucker for a good storm. I love to 'gear-up' and head to the top of the dune. With the wind at your back, the climb is deceptively easy and it creates the feeling of slow motion when you run back down again against the wind.

Now if the myth is true and March comes in like a Lion, that means it will head out like a Lamb with perfect timing for Spring Break. What could be better than spring break at the beach? Especially when you can bring a few friends and family and all stay in one Cottage together? Or even a beach house at Shorepine Village?

So, if you are feeling the itch of Spring Fever, head to the beach. We'll either entertain you with a fantastic storm, or provide you with fantastic Lambish weather to play on the beach.