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Need A Valentine’s Day Do Over? Call The Ocean Front Cottages At Cape Kiwanda In Pacific City

Did you maybe flop on Valentine's Day this year? Did you try to prepare a romantic dinner for two, and accidentally set the kitchen on fire? Did you really think a bottle of champagne you picked up at the gas station on the way home and a couple of Hershey bars would make the cut? Are you in the dog house now? Don't worry, there's still time to redeem yourself. There's another holiday weekend coming up, and the Cottages at Cape Kiwanda have just what you need to score those thoughtful, romantic bonus points. We've covered the thoughtful efforts. The romance is up to you.

There's a February Romance package currently available, which, in addition to a bouquet of roses, champagne (we promise, we didn't get it at a gas station), and oceanfront massage, includes the Pelican pastry chef's specialty of Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

Speaking of the pastry chef at the Pelican, Sara came to a much needed rescue a few weeks ago.   It started out with a guest breezing into the Concierge Suite and simply asking, in a somewhat frantic, urgent manner, “Is there anywhere around here that I can get a cake???” This is a very small town, and although we typically have access to a lovely bakery, it was closed for the winter.   One quick call to the Pelican Pub & Brewery saved the day, and within a few hours, a delicious, customized cake was delivered to the guest’s Cottage. On a similar note, the head chef made himself available last week to provide his skills and services as a personal chef to a guest who was celebrating her birthday, and needed something extra special for dinner.

There's a summit meeting coming up this week, where the Cottage Crew and Pelican Brigade will put their heads together to come up with even more Cottage Exclusive services our guests can enjoy. If you thought things were good before, just wait. They're soon to get even better.