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Now On Tap - Midnight Pils

Midnight Pils - Black Pilsner Lager

Midnight Pils is the latest in our Lone Pelican series of specialty draft-only beers. Marrying the traditional Schwarzbier style of black lager with the hoppy aromatic character of a traditional pilsner, it features a well-rounded malt character with cocoa, caramel and browned bread highlights coupled with floral, spicy hop character. The cool, lengthy lager fermentation gives Midnight Pils a smooth character and a clean mellow finish. Flavorful, mildly roasty and aromatically hoppy, Midnight Pils takes you to the dark side of refreshment!

Ingredients List:
Pale Ale Malt
Melanoidin Malt
Caramel Malt
Midnight Wheat Malt
Ultra Hops
Pure Local Water
Pure Ale Yeast

Brewing Specifications:
11.8 degrees Plato
5.2% ABV
35 IBU 

Now Available on tap at both locations!