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Pelican’s Tillamook Production Brewery Gets A Kickstart

We are absolutely thrilled that we have so many fans out there; however, there are lots of people who keep asking why they can't get our beer where they live. It's not that they don't want to drive to the beach all the time (who doesn't?), but hey, it would be nice to just pick it up at the grocery store, wouldn't it?

You can help by backing our Kickstarter Campaign for our new production brewery in historic downtown Tillamook. The project consists of building renovations and brewing equipment totalling $1.3 million. We have funding lined up from various sources. We need a minimum of $100,000 from this Kickstarter campaign to get the basics up and running. If we can obtain $200,000 from this campaign, then we get to buy EVERYTHING we need. As you know, it's all or nothing at Kickstarter, so we've set the minimum at $100,000 which is what we really have to have to get started. View our Kickstarter Campaign Video & Rewards now.

We've worked hard to maximize production in the Pacific City Location, but we've reached our capacity there and we need to take it to the next level in order to fulfill the demands of our loyal customers.

We have found a perfect site in historic downtown Tillamook where an old building is ready for us to come in and transform it into a vibrant working brewery, producing 4 times the quantity of our original brewery at it's opening, with ability to grow a lot more in years to come.

The renovated building will have a great little tasting room where you can come and enjoy a pint at the bar, play a little shuffleboard, hang with the brewers, and enjoy a great meal. We will also have a great outdoor patio for when the sun is shining. Please help us make it happen by becoming a backer of our Kickstarter Campaign.