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Perfect Place…Perfect Time

Today is a gorgeous sunny day on the Oregon Coast. Pacific City is the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful unique location on the coast.   Would you like to own a special beach getaway?

According to an article I recently read by Dr. Steve Sjuggerud of the Daily Wealth “right now, is the best time in history to buy a house in America”. Dr Sjuggerud states that most investors have only seen a couple decades of mortgages rates on a chart. His sources at Global Financial Data have databases-including real estate data- that literally go back centuries. Their findings chart interest rates, home prices, and affordability. He states, “Home prices have crashed. And mortgage rates are at record lows. But incomes (nationwide) haven’t fallen nearly as much. So homes are now more affordable than ever. Most people out there will only tell you the bad news about housing…That’s the way it goes in a bear market. People drive looking in a rearview mirror.”

Dr. Sjuggerud says we can listen to “most people” or we can stick to the facts. The facts are home prices have fallen by a third…interest rates are the lowest in history. Therefore, homes are more affordable than they’ve ever been.   Based on the facts I think this may be the perfect time to purchase that perfect beach house.

Come and visit us in beautiful Pacific City we offer a special “Discover Pacific Package”. We will show you the best the Oregon Coast has to offer. Call us for details (888-965-7801).