Riptide Red Ale was first released ten years ago as a spring seasonal. From 2001 to 2010, it has been a draft-only beer, available only at the Pelican. For 2011, we are finally bottling this beer, and will be selling it here at the Pelican, but also allocating a portion of the bottle production to our self-distribution team. If you can’t make it to the Pelican for some fresh draft or bottles to go, then look for it at your local grocery store or bottle shop! 
Riptide Red Ale is brewed in the Irish Red Ale style, but as is often the case with Pelican beers, does not strictly adhere to the narrow interpretation of the style. Riptide’s flavor emphasis is on the malt character, as is typical for an Irish-Style Red Ale, but it also has a noticeable hop flavor and aroma. The malt profile features a toasted bread/biscuit-like character from Golden Promise malt, a rich, toffee-like light caramel flavor, and just a hint of cocoa-like character. Adding a fresh herbal note to the rounded malt flavors are Santiam hops, a Northwest-grown hop varietal that has herbal, floral and melony aroma characters. We use Santiams in both the kettle and as dry hops to add balance and complexity to Riptide Red.
Clocking in at a modest 4.9% alcohol, Riptide Red Ale is a perfect session beer for enjoying with the cool spring weather: flavorful and complex, yet rounded and smooth. Get some before it is all gone!