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We may need another wall. Or two.

In 1998, Doryman's Dark Ale won us our first award at the Great American Beer Festival.  Now over 14 years and hundreds of national and international awards later, it's no surprise people keep coming back to Pacific City for our beer.

Recent beer awards





2014 2014 Champion World Champion Small Brewery
2014 2014 Silverspot IPA World Silver Medal English-Style India Pale Ale
2014 2014 Kiwanda Cream Ale World Gold Medal Golden or Blonde Ales
2012 2012 Champion World Champion Large Brewpub
2012 2012 Stormwatcher’s Winterfest World Gold Medal Barleywine-style Ale
2012 2012 MacPelican’s Ale World Gold Medal Scottish Ales
2010 2010 MacPelican’s Ale World Silver Medal Scottish Ales
2008 2008 Tsunami Stout World Bronze Medal Foreign-style Stouts
2008 2008 Doryman’s Ale World Gold Medal American Brown Ales
2008 2008 Imperial Pelican World Bronze Medal American-style India Pale Ales