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Nestucca ESB

Nestucca ESB

Copper-hued and medium-bodied, Nestucca ESB features an English-inspired herbal, floral, and grassy aroma balanced with a toasted bread and toffee-like malt flavor. A subtle fruitiness merges with biscuit-like flavors and a clean, hoppy finish to make this beer both refreshing and full of character. Dry hopped for a delightful fresh hop aroma!

Darron's Tasting Notes:

Nestucca ESB is inspired by the classic English “Extra Special Bitter” style that was originally pioneered by Fuller’s Brewery in London. In keeping with the English inspiration, Nestucca ESB features a rich malt character and a floral, herbal, even grassy hop profile. Like the Riptide Red Ale, our other Spring seasonal beer, this is the first year that Nestucca ESB has been bottled after many years as a draft-only beer. Bottled Nestucca ESB will be available here at the Pelican, but also out in the trade courtesy of our fantastic self-distribution team!  If you can’t make it to the Pelican for some fresh draft or bottles-to-go, then look for it at your local grocery store or bottle shop! 
Nestucca ESB was first brewed in 1997, and after 14 years has become a much-anticipated part of the Spring line-up of beers here at the Pelican.  With a grain bill featuring Golden Promise malt as well as Melanoidin and caramel malts, the malt character has a pronounced toasty, biscuit-like flavor. Northwest-grown Fuggle and Goldings hops are responsible for the pronounced floral, herbal hop flavor and aroma. And to top things off, Nestucca ESB gets a massive dose of Fuggle and Goldings hops added as dry hops during maturation.  
This year’s version of Nestucca ESB has the alcohol content intentionally dialed back to 5.4% by volume for enhanced balance and drinkability. This drinkability, combined with a robust balance of flavors, makes Nestucca ESB perfect for those hardy souls who brave the brisk, windy weather to watch a glorious sunset on the patio, or cook up an early-season barbecue wearing raingear!  

Pairings & Recipes

  • Fish & Chips
  • Chili
  • Hard or Sharp Cheeses
  • Chile Verde Tamale
  • Fennel & Onion Gratin 


  • Golden Promise malt
  • Pale Ale malt
  • Melanoidin malt
  • Caramel malt
  • Torrefied wheat
  • Magnum hops
  • Fuggle hops
  • Golding hops
  • pure local water
  • pure ale yeast

Brewing Specs

Style:  English-Style ESB
Gravity: 13.1 degrees Plato
ABV: 5.3%
Bitterness: 48 IBU
Color: Copper

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