Ankle-Buster Ale

Ankle-Buster Ale

Availability: September

Surfers know all too well that ankle-buster waves are barely big enough to surf on, but our Ankle-Buster Ale is bound to create a big wave. With an herbal hop character, fruity/spicy Belgian yeast aromas, toasty and caramel-like malt flavor, and a clean dry finish, Ankle-Buster carves its own path to refreshing, flavorful beer. Best enjoyed with both feet planted on sand.

Darron's Tasting Notes

Taking its name from a wave so small it’s hard to surf, or an ankle-buster, as it is known to surfers, this beer was a creation of the entire Pelican brewing team. It started with a general concept for an exciting new summer beer, and then everyone in the brewery contributed to the design of the beer’s characteristics: color, flavor profile, aroma, alcoholic strength, malt character, and hop character. The end result is a beer that carves out new flavor territory for the Pelican Pub & Brewery.

The core of Ankle-Buster is a rich, golden-colored Pale Ale with a rounded malt profile from Golden Promise and caramel malts. The robust malt backbone plus an herbal hop character gives this Pale Ale a bit of an English influence. The unusual twist for Ankle-Buster, however, is using our Belgian yeast strain to ferment this beer. It adds a spiciness and more pronounced fruitiness to the aroma, as well as a bit of spicy tartness in the finish.
Ankle-Buster Ale starts with an herbal hop aroma highlighted by fruity and spicy notes from the Belgian yeast. The flavor transitions into a rounded malty middle with caramel and toasty, biscuit-like flavors. The finish combines a snappy hop character with some light background tartness and an overall dry character. Ankle-Buster Ale is a beer that defies easy categorization with its unique combination of balanced flavors, yeast influence, and refreshing drinkability.


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Golden Promise malt
Pale Ale malt
Caramel 15 malt
Caramel 40 malt
Nugget hops 
pure local water
Pure Belgian ale yeast


Brewing Specs

Brewing Specs: 

Style:  Belgian-Style Pale Ale
Gravity: 12 degrees Plato
ABV: 5.4%
Bitterness: 35 IBU 
Color: Deep Gold