Grand Cru de Pelican

Grand Cru de Pelican

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Grand Cru de Pelican is the result of inspiration, creativity, and imagination. With a nod to the great brewing traditions of Belgium, we have been inspired to create this dark, sensuous brew. Grand Cru de Pelican entices with a rich, complex aroma, and satisfies with deep malty and caramel flavors. Spicy, aromatic flavors provide a harmonious counterpoint to the malty foundation of this robust beer. A snappy finish and medium-light body enhance the smooth drinkability of this beer. Bottle conditioned for substantial depth of flavor and excellent keeping qualities.

Darron's Tasting Notes

The 2011 release of Grand Cru de Pélican was delayed by several weeks due to a very lengthy primary fermentation followed by a prolonged bottle-conditioning process. While this delayed the release of the beer, we deemed it far more important that the beer have all of the maturation time and flavor development it needed to come out “just right.” Another change to this year’s Grand Cru de Pélican is the slight boost to the aroma hops that are added right at the end of the boil. This gives the Grand Cru de Pélican a bit more hop character without increasing the overall bitterness.

Grand Cru de Pélican is a rich, flavorful beer with a surprisingly light body for a beer of this strength (around 10% by volume). The fruity, spicy aromas from the Belgian yeast, coupled with the rich caramel flavors work with a variety of different foods, from desserts to grilled meats. The finish is both rounded and malty, but also snappy and slightly tart. Bottle conditioning produces an effervescent carbonation level and added complexity of flavor. Delicious when fresh upon its release, Grand Cru de Pélican will also cellar very well for at least 1-2 years.

Pairings & Recipes


Venison Tenderloins
Roasted Duck
Carbonnade a la Flamande
Miso-Braised Beef Short Ribs


Awards this beer has won:

Silver Medal 2010 Australian International Beer Awards
Silver Medal 2007 Australian International Beer Awards



Pale Ale malt
Caramel malt
Melanoidin malt
Chocolate malt
Belgian Dark Candi Syrup
Golding hops
pure local water
Belgian-style yeast



Brewing Specs

Brewing Specs: 

Style: Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale
Gravity: 22 degrees Plato
ABV: 10%
Bitterness: 24 IBU
Color: Dark Brown