Nestucca ESB

Nestucca ESB

Availability: Spring

Copper-hued and medium-bodied, Nestucca ESB features an English-inspired herbal, floral, and grassy aroma balanced with a toasted bread and toffee-like malt flavor. A subtle fruitiness merges with biscuit-like flavors and a clean, hoppy finish to make this beer both refreshing and full of character. Dry hopped for a delightful fresh hop aroma!

Darron's Tasting Notes:

Nestucca ESB is inspired by the classic English “Extra Special Bitter” style that was originally pioneered by Fuller’s Brewery in London. In keeping with the English inspiration, Nestucca ESB features a rich malt character and a floral, herbal, even grassy hop profile. Like the Riptide Red Ale, our other Spring seasonal beer, this is the first year that Nestucca ESB has been bottled after many years as a draft-only beer. Bottled Nestucca ESB will be available here at the Pelican, but also out in the trade courtesy of our fantastic self-distribution team!  If you can’t make it to the Pelican for some fresh draft or bottles-to-go, then look for it at your local grocery store or bottle shop! 
Nestucca ESB was first brewed in 1997, and after 14 years has become a much-anticipated part of the Spring line-up of beers here at the Pelican.  With a grain bill featuring Golden Promise malt as well as Melanoidin and caramel malts, the malt character has a pronounced toasty, biscuit-like flavor. Northwest-grown Fuggle and Goldings hops are responsible for the pronounced floral, herbal hop flavor and aroma. And to top things off, Nestucca ESB gets a massive dose of Fuggle and Goldings hops added as dry hops during maturation.  
This year’s version of Nestucca ESB has the alcohol content intentionally dialed back to 5.4% by volume for enhanced balance and drinkability. This drinkability, combined with a robust balance of flavors, makes Nestucca ESB perfect for those hardy souls who brave the brisk, windy weather to watch a glorious sunset on the patio, or cook up an early-season barbecue wearing raingear!  


Pairings & Recipes


Fish & Chips
Hard or Sharp Cheeses
Chile Verde Tamale
Fennel & Onion Gratin 


Awards this beer has won:

Silver Medal 2012 Australian International Beer Awards
Gold Medal 2011 North American Beer Awards
Bronze Medal 2010 North American Beer Awards
Bronze Medal 2006 North American Beer Awards
Gold Medal 2006 Spring Beer and Wine Fest



Golden Promise malt
Pale Ale malt
Melanoidin malt
Caramel malt

Torrefied wheat
Magnum hops
Fuggle hops
Golding hops
pure local water
pure ale yeast


Brewing Specs

Brewing Specs: 

Style:  English-Style ESB
Gravity: 13.1 degrees Plato
ABV: 5.3%
Bitterness: 48 IBU
Color: Copper