Surfer's Summer Ale

Surfer's Summer Ale

Availability: Early Summer

The Summer Ales of England inspire our well-loved seasonal beer, Surfer's Summer Ale. With a brilliant gold color, and a fruity, floral, and herbal aroma from Glacier hops, Surfer's Summer Ale is a refreshing, tasty treat. A sweet, toasted malt flavor comes from the Golden Promise malt, and combines with bread-like wheat character to give this beer a full-bodied, rounded malt aspect. Finishing smooth and clean, Surfer's Summer Ale exhibits a wonderful balance and character.

Darron's Tasting Notes

With its floral, herbal hop aroma, rich biscuit-like malt profile, and toasted bread wheat flavors, Surfer’s Summer Ale is both flavorful and very well balanced. A smooth, snappy finish enhances the refreshing character, lending this beer equally well to pairing with fresh-caught rockfish, grilled steaks, or just on its own with a sunny patio and a sunset!


Pairings & Recipes


Crab Cakes
Grilled Shrimp
Pan-Seared Tuna


Awards this beer has won:

Bronze Medal 2014 Great American Beer Festival
Bronze Medal 2013 European Beer Star
Silver Medal 2012 North American Beer Awards
Silver Medal 2011 European Beer Star
Gold Medal 2011 North American Beer Awards



Golden Promise malt
Wheat malt
Torrefied wheat
Glacier hops
pure local water
pure ale yeast


Brewing Specs

Brewing Specs: 

Style:  English-Style Summer Ale
Gravity: 12.2 degrees Plato
ABV: 5.3%
Bitterness: 25 IBU
Color: Golden Yellow